The Cookie Effect: How To Send Emails So Good They Lick The Screen

Your chance to become a listie and watch this training ends in:

“Since starting Love Your List 2.0™, I’ve doubled my email list and created an opt-in page that’s converting at 30%. I also created my first tripwire page and I’ve made sales!”

I bought LYL to help create a welcome email sequence and get help writing to my subscribers on a weekly basis. While it did help me create those, I’ve also received invaluable advice and guidance for my business as a whole.

The copywriting module helped me create multiple sales pages and Kate personally helped me with my beta launch during office hours. She is so committed to her students, and we feel it every week when she shows up in the group. Whether she’s creating a personalized Loom video to answer our questions or she’s cheering us on during our launches, she’s always there for us.

Taran Conwell

Undomestic Mom

I have set up systems (email automation) just for practice, that I was creating while following along in the course, and it totally bumped up my list and made sales! MY PRACTICE ONE!

I created a brand new freebie like you said and implementing a no-brainer easy-yes offer.

Who knew taking a course on email marketing could help me create a new income source overnight, I certainly didn’t!

Kai Hernandez

The Bizzy Mama Podcast

700% list growth in just 6 months

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