To all my coaches, course creators, and pro-bloggers…

Who are dangerously passionate about what you teach but aren’t rolling out of bed in the morning to an iPhone screen busting at the seams with Paypal notifications and love notes from paying customer over the moon that they found you…I’ve got a question for you…

What’s the difference between having an email that allows you to impact thousands of subscribers who hang on your every word while makes your piggy bank grin ear to ear..

…and having a limp noodle email list that gives you the cold shoulder every time you draw up the courage to hit send

or worst…

…a list of subscribers who are constantly saying they LOVE your stuff yet, you’ve barely made enough to cover your Target run?

If you guessed…

✘ Having a jumbo size list….you’d be wrong.

✘ Having an elaborate funnel, with countdown timers, upsells, downsells, upsells for your downsells, and 35 different auto emails that would get sent out depending on what people clicked on or didn’t’d be wrong.

✘ Having a stack of old report cards with shiny A+s in English Class – you’re way of there Shakespeares

✘ Having buckets of moo-lah to make it rain on Zuckerberg so he can bombard your subscribers with Facebook & Instagram ads till the cows come home – Good news for your wallet – you’re wrong.

You see, the truth is having a Scrooge Mcduck pile of cash, a Pin that goes viral and blows up your email list, or bleeding the alphabet won’t pave the way for an email list addicted to throwing cash at you.

Here’s what you need to know about creating and cultivating a lucrative email list in 2019 and beyond without feeling like dirty rotten spammer face.


The days of people waiting with bated breath to hear the AOL man shout “You’ve got Mail” are over.  With Facebook Bots, short attention spans and average adult getting over 90 emails a day (enough with the chain emails Janet, what is 98?)  it’s no wonder everyone loves shouting…

Email is dead!

Millennials hate emails!

No one reads emails anymore!

Tell that to the 86% of adults* who say they’d rather read an email from a business then see it’s posts on social media.


The truth is email isn’t dead –  BAD EMAILS ARE DEAD.

...but since you’re on this page, in a couple of clicks you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 😜

Why email lists are such a pain in the butt to most kind-hearted  bloggers  & soloprenuers (like yourself ) instead of the golden goose like all those gurus keep promosing you…

1. You Don’t Realize People Actually Want To Hear From You!

Umm…why would they sign up for a cheat sheet about bullet journaling, parenting tips, or the latest IG hacks if they weren’t interested in learning more about it from you?

2. You’re waiting ’till you have some magic number of subscribers before you launch, tell them about your paid products, or even send your first newsletter


You want to know the magical subscribers you need before you can do anything? The answer is 1 – and that one is you. Your subscribers have no clue they’re one of 10 or 234 or 998.

All they know is they were interested enough in what you were doing to give you their email address and you ghosted them…or worst are depriving them of the shortcut (your paid products & affiliate deals) that will help hit their goals faster of being a badass knitter, slicing their ad cost in half, or taking photos that instantly get 1000 likes on Instagram…(Kind of jerk move on your part #sorrynotsorry)

3. Your emails always sound like a bad boy band song – every other word is “sorry”


“Sorry it’s been awhile”, “Sorry I’m sending you so many emails”, “Sorry this is a sales email but…” Your subscribers didn’t sign up to your list so they could hear you whimper. They signed up for your list so they could be badass. And how are they going to confidence that you take them to bad-ass town when you’re not confident in yourself? (See reason #1 again!)

4. You’re just sending stuff willy-nilly  & Your welcomes series is still sitting half written on Google Docs.


Not having a plan for emails you’re sending is trying to build a bed from Ikea. Sure, you might  get lucky and figure out use screws 2m in part A7 to part JK23 but why put yourself through that? When take even 10 minutes to craft emails that help fuel your business and make your subscribers lives better.

5 .Your freebies might be “irresistible” but it’s literally repelling buyers


Despite what you’ve been told there is a right and wrong way to create a freebie, and I’m not talking about spending 2 weeks debating if your freebie should be a mini-course or pdf.  I’m talking about picking a topic that only appeals to buyers looking to solve their problems now.

6. You’re not selling “free”


Reminder that whole thing about people are getting lots of email thing? Because of that, they’re more selective about whose getting their email address. So just because it’s free doesn’t make it appealing enough to be paid with their email address. You need to put in the extra time and effort not only to make it special but explain why it’s special in a way that pulls that “OOOOH I need to have that!” lever in their brain.

7. Every time you flip into “sales mode” you start sounding like used car salesman, !!!!-slapping people and karate chopping them with countdown timers.


Don’t get me wrong urgency boosters like countdown timers have a time and place, but when you’re solely relying on them to make your sales, it’s like feeding your subscribers a plate full salt. They’re enhancers.  The words that you’re writing – those are the main meal.

But There’s Good News…

Growing a Profitable Email List of Future Buyers Is Easier Than Ever because honestly…so many people suck at it.

Look, you’ve read this far so you already know building and nurturing a email of eager potential buyers and rapid fans is crucial to growing that freedom based business that’s been looking down on you from your dream board for years.

The business that lets you…

☕️ Crack open your laptop at the trendy cafe downtown on an idle Tuesday morning. Slipping on your warm chai latte while bewildered baristas wonder how exactly you can afford to come to the coffee shop all week when clearly you don’t have a job.

💳 Confidently slap down your debit card at Whole Foods without batting an eyelash at the cart full of Grass-Fed butter, fresh press-green juice and organic cherries at 8.99 a pound. Just to name a few things.  Because your family is worth it.

🤦🏽‍♀️ Turn your condescending aunt, who wouldn’t stop bragging about how amazing your cousin Jenny is doing balancing her high powered corp job while raising 2 small kids,  into a sheepish mouse whispering to you as she passes the potatoes “Could you please show Jenny how you make money on the computer? She miserable.”

But what you might not know is there’s a simple 3 step email marketing system that has the power to: 

 💻Help you create digital products and programs that virtually sell themselves – no more worrying about the embarrassment and disappointment of a failed launch

🤩 Catch the eyes of those big time influencers you’ve worshiped for years because your subscribers can’t stop raving about you. We’re talking interviews, partnerships maybe even friendships.

💰 Leverage for higher affiliate payouts and better deals for your audience. (Yay for a win win!)

🧚‍♀️ Make your competition 100% irrelevant


It’s called…..

The ABC’s Of Profitable (and Fun) Email Marketing…

A  = Attract

Grab your potential subscribers by the eyeballs leaving them nodding “Yes, yes, yes!” with scroll stopping conversion based content and drool- inducing freebies  drooling for buy button to smack

B  = Bond

Instantly become their favorite person in your industry (and to throw their credit cards at) – with stalker-level accurate landing pages, take -my-money-now easy yes offers and a personality fueled welcome series  that leaves them feverishly refreshing their inboxes for your next newsletter.

C = Convert

Turn them into fans & buyers for life, by consistently showing up in their inbox with value-soaked content that makes them feel like a total bad ass and thoughtful funnels that make purchasing your big offer seem like the next logical step (not like they’re getting pushed down the stairs)

And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do after….


Love Your List™ 2.0 is the only email marketing program laser focused on helping you have fun while turning internet randos – into devoted subscribers addicted to throwing fistfuls of cash at you on repeat while singing your praises to the world (even if no one knows your name…yet)

After Love Your List 2.0™ You’ll Have…

✨ Nailed down exactly what to say to your list every week that leaves them feverishly refreshing their inboxes for more

🎁A free opt-in gift that attracts potential buyers (not freebie seekers) by the thousands

💌  An inbox jam-packed with  “Do you take private clients?” messages after implementing your authority building welcome series that shows off your best content while bonding new subscribers to you like glue, dramatically cutting down on your unsubscribes

💽  An easy yes offer generating cash on the daily that only took  you an afternoon to put together

🦄Unimaginable open rates so no more wasting time on writing emails no one will read​​​​​​​

💵 The ability to quickly pump out high quality sales emails in half the time, that speak directly to the hearts (and wallets) of your subscribers without being pushy or slimy.


But above all else, Love Your List™ 2.0 will give you the confidence to speak to your subscribers from the heart in a magical way that leaves them feeling supported and excited to buy. Never pressured into a sale.

Let’s take a look under the hood of Love Your List 2.0™…

Module 1 – Planning Your Fail-Proof Email Marketing Ecosystem & The Should Crusher


We’re going to start with the end in mind. Because why spend all the this time creating, growing, and nurturing an email list if you don’t know what to do with it, right?

Here you’ll learn must haves (but usually always missing) parts of creating a sustainable email marketing ecosystem.

One that is focused enough to support your current vision but flexible enough to incorporate any hits of inspiration you may get along the way.

You’ll also get gain back valuable brain space that’s getting sucked up by all those little, nagging, questions you’re too afraid of getting wrong like…

  • Should you be emailing your list at different at time?
  • How often should you be emailing your list? What’s too much? What’s not enough?
  • Are you doing GDPR right?
  • Should you just unsubscribe everyone from your list since it’s been 5 months since you emailed them?

…..And more.

Module 2 – Writing Emails So Good They Lick The Screen


After this lesson you’ll know exactly what to say to grab the eyeballs ( and hearts) of subscribers who are ready to buy (and have the $$$ to do it) without resorting to sleazy high pressure tactics – thanks to one colorful candy that melts in your mouth not in your hand.

You’ll learn why focusing on features and benefits is actually robbing you of sales & engagement. 

We’re covering everything from subject lines, to boosting open & click through rates, how to keep your emails interesting even if your life is duller then dirt,  plus you’ll learn my favorite copywriting formulas and my 10K email blueprint. 

After this module you’ll whip up newsletters & sales emails in no time. 


Module 3 – Freebies That Serve & Sell


Everything you’ve learned about creating a freebie is wrong unless of course you’ve been getting help from a 90’s rap icon.

After this lesson you’ll create a mouth-watering freebie that bloats your email list with highly engaged subscribers, primed to slap your buy button. Who will actually be looking forward to your next email.

No digital product?

No desire to offer any services?

No problem!  You’ll learn how to create a freebie that helps  you earn money without any products of your own. 

Module 4- Thank You Pages & Easy Yes Offers


Do you know what the most important page of your entire website is?

If you guessed your Thank You Page, you’re one smart cookie.  It’s the most valuable  piece of real estate on your whole blog. Yet it’s often the most over-looked.

You see, there’s NO guarantee people will ever read a single email you send them. But your Thank You Page? Everyone sees that. 

After this lesson you’ll know the 4 best ways you can use your Thank You page to propel your business. 

My favorite being using it to present an Easy Yes Offer.  In fact I love these low-priced high value products.

Thanks to the Easy Yes Offer Formula – you’ll learn in this module –  I earn over $3000+ per month just from my Thank You page offers. 


Module 5- Selling Free: The Art of Crafting Landing Pages & Opt-in Forms


Do you know the fastest way to increase your email subscribers? Write more compelling landing pages and opt-in forms. 

You see most people just slap a “Subscribe To My Newsletter” or “Get This Free Course” opt-in box on their side bar and call it day. 

And if they do go the extra mile to create landing page it’s not much better. 

After this lesson you’ll know how to:

  • Write scroll-stopping headlines that hooks them in every time
  • Compelling bullet points that get even the most skeptic of readers itching to hit your sign up button 
  • My ninja trick to boost conversion rates (number of sign ups) by 400X of more. (And I’m not talking about using a timer either)

We’ll also shine some light on the sneaky holes on your website that are leaking subscribers left and right!


Module 6-  Authority Building Welcome Series & Power 4

The first 72 hours after someone joins your list are the most crucial to your email marketing strategy. 

 Knocking your new subscribers socks off from the get-go makes the BIGGEST different on if they get whiplash from hitting your unsubscribe button😞 or your buy button😃

Together we’ll map out, exactly what to include in your authority building welcome series (no paid product required)  that bonds new subscribers to you like glue, forging an unshakable trust and turns them into fans for life. 

This series is perfect to run by itself like normal or after someone goes through your sales funnels and doesn’t buy. 

*** Templates are included ****


Module 7- Nurturing The Crap & Cash Out Of Subscribers with Binge-worthy Newsletters & Autoresponders


One of the BIGGEST places busy soloprenuers drop the ball (and chance to make an impact + cash) is not having a plan for AFTER their welcome series or funnel are over. But not you! 

After this lesson you’ll know if creating a handful of simple yet strategic auto-responders or using live weekly newsletters are more beneficial to your audience and piggy bank. 

You’ll also learn how to weave the two so you’re never emailing people on the same day or worst saying something like next time we’ll chat about X then your next email is about something completely different. #embarrassing

When you join, you’ll be getting immediate access to Module 1, The Sticky Situations Template Set & Building Big Buck Buyers Bonus so you can hit the ground running for our official start date of April 3, 2019

From there, you’ll be given access to a mix of two modules & bonuses per week (except for the implementation + creations weeks) — so that you have plenty of time to dive into the lessons and execute what you’ve learned BEFORE moving onto the next.

This spares you from the intense overwhelm that stops most course-junkies from ever becoming massive program success stories!

I fell in love with Kate Doster JUST 3 DAY AGO when I came across her 4 day challenge on Pinterest, loved the freebies she had and clicked with this chick IMMEDIATELY BOUGHT her LYL course the very next day!!

Theresa Farias |

Now the power and value of just those 7 modules is worth way over $997 but because I’m stalker-level obsessed with seeing you thrive, I’m tossing in over $1497 worth of must-have bonuses completely free…

When you invest in Love Your List 2.0™ 

You’ll get… 8 additional bonus!

Which means when you invest in the Self-Paced Track of

Love Your List 2.0™ you get over $2494 for a fraction of the cost…

But before I reveal the shockingly low investment: 

There is something really special for all my action takers who want MASSIVE results now but tend to lose steam after joining a course




Every single Thursday from April 4, 2019- June 27, 2019 you and I are  rubbing virtual elbows with other motivated entrepreneurs hell bent on growing their list, impact, and wallet leveraging email marketing. 

If you invest in the is track I will NOT let you quit.

Literally. If you say you’re going to write your welcome series and the next week you barely wrote anything, I’m going to be on you like white on rice. 

These private weekly calls are the perfect place to get real time feed back on your landing pages, funnels and freebies. Because while pre-recorded reviews are nice there is nothing like getting to ask your questions in real time. 

This track isn’t for everyone! Only the most dedicated. So it’s a super non-awkward way to met high quality peeps you can mastermind with in the future.

(Yay biz friends!) 

Coaching with Kate was the best decision I’ve made in my business! Not only did she help me craft funnels and have the confidence to bring literally thousands of dollars into my business ASAP, but she taught me skills that keep generating money for me even AFTER we worked together.

Morgan Battista | Mom Uprising + Morgan Battista Social


The fully revamped Love Your List 2.0™ 7 Module Course + All The Bonuses

(A $2494 Value)

✨  Armed with the insider copywriting tricks & templates my private clients have to pay thousands to get so you can write words that sell without feeling like a corny cheesy ball

🎁  A freebie that you’re proud to shout about from the roof that draws your perfect subscribers out of hiding like bees to honey

💌  A high-quality easy yes offer that you can create in one afternoon what will add thousands to your bottom line while leaving subscribers begging for you to take MORE of their money

🦄 Unimaginable open rates so no more wasting time on writing emails no one will read​​​​​​​

👋🏼 A welcome series that makes your subscribers feel like a total bad-ass which means when it’s time to make make recommendations and slap some buy buttons you’re the ONLY person they’ll turn towards

💵 Ability to quick pump out high quality sales emails in half the time, that speak directly to the hearts (and wallets) of your subscribers without being pushy or slimy

🥰 The confidence of knowing your greatest business asset is taking care of with thoughtful yet easy to execute plan

💰 A funnel that sells your high-end coaching packages or courses month after month without every feeling sleazy or gross. (Hello more time to do fun stuff!)

💻 Click by click tutorials so you’ll never let tech stand between you and your people (or profits) again

⬇︎ More emails sent to your subscribers inbox – not the stink promotional or spam tabs.

🔥 A full month worth of Convertkit &  a safe private Facebook group to share ideas, get motivated and meet upcoming movers and shakers like yourself. 


When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of $2494…

But because I’m super excited to welcome you into the Love Your List 2.0™  family, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Love Your List 2.0™ TODAY at your special promo price of just…

Monday & Tuesday ONLY :








When you invest in Love Your List 2.0™ before Tuesday March 12th at 11:59pm…

At the Self-Paced Level You’ll Earn 2 Free Bonus Group Coaching Calls March 22 & 29 valued at $247

At the Rapid Results Level You’ll Earn 2 Free Bonus Group Coaching + An Exclusive 60 minute 1:1 session with me for a total bonus value of $497.

In addition to the extra $200 off you’ll get as VIP until Wednesday March 13, 11:59pm EST

Self Paced

$497 $297 VIP Only Pricing

(or 6 payments of $54.56)










 ❌ 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls, accountability and real-time feedback

Rapid Results

$1297 $1097 VIP Only Pricing

(or 10 payments of $113.05)










✅ 12 weeks of weekly group coaching calls, accountability and realtime feedback


1. Is this only for people who sell digital products and courses?

 No I have suggestions on how service provider and coaches can use the ABC’s email marketing and my templates to create a client attraction system.  

2. Is this good for ecom businesses or local businesses?

Not really. Sure you can model the welcome series and funnel emails but it is geared towards online business owners and bloggers.

3. Do you have to blog or buy Facebook Ads?

No to both. But we have a list building lesson about Facebook Ads taught by Morgan Battissa in the List Explosion Bonus

4. Do you have to buy Convertkit?

No, sure it’s  in the tech vault and I love the company but no you don’t have to buy Convertkit

5. I just started my blog I'm not sure I'm ready for this -

As long as you have a website set up you’ll be fine. We have a bonus lesson on conversion content so as a new blogger you won’t be wasting time creating content that doesn’t build your list or make you money. 

6. I've been at this awhile is too beginner for me?

Well, are you getting the opens, clicks, sign ups and sales you want???? If not this is for you.

You’ll definitely get the most out of the copywriting module, You’ll also need to double check that your freebie is actually attracting BUYERS not freebie seekers so freebies and landing page modules are a must.

Not to mention the funnel & launch bonus will be epically for you. 


7. Will I get access to everything right away?

When you join you’ll get immediate access to the Mapping Out Your Email Marketing Strategy  + The Should Crusher – Module 1, along with the Building Big BuckBuyers Guide, The Sticky Situations Templates (including what to say when you haven’t emailed your list in forever) & access to the student only Facebook Group

From there, you’ll be given access to 2 modules per week with the exception of the two implementation & creation weeks April 17th & May 1st so you have plenty of time to dive into the lessons, ask questions and execute.  

This is to spear you from switching into overwhelmed consumer mode instead of being bad ass finisher mode.  

The release schedule goes as follows:

  • Welcome, Module 1 + Building Big Buck Buyers Guide &  Sticky Situation Templates – Immediately
  • Module 2: Copywriting & Module 3 Freebies  – April 3th
  • Module 4: Thank You Pages + One Click Funnels (small digital products) & Module 5 Landing Page + opt-in forms  April 10th
  • Creation week –  April 17th
  • Module 6: Welcome Series + Power 4  + Funnels & Launch Bonus April 24th + Spam Filter Repellent
  • Writing Week – May 1st
  • Module 7 Newsletters & Automations + List Explosion Bonus (May 8th)

Truth be told, I might release a couple of list building lessons early but I’d really like you to have the system up and running first.

8. Can I pay off my payment plan early?

Sure! I’ll send you invoice for the rest of what you owe. 

9. What's your refund policy?

We have a 30 Day Do The Work Refund Policy

You maybe request anytime before May 3, 2019 HOWEVER with your refund request you must send:

ALL of the following items:

  • Your EMAIL MARKETING Strategy  Package
  • A Link to DIRECT Access Your Lead Magnet / Freebie / Opt-in Gift (Format must be PDF, mp3 or mp4)
  • A Link to Review Your Completed Opt-In Page / Landing  (It MUST be connected to your email service provider and working properly)
  • Snapshots of 5 Active Social Media Posts, All Promoting Your Lead Magnet Opportunity
  • A Link to Review Your First 4 mails in Your Power 4 / Welcome Series or Funnel Series

If that work is not submited you will NOT be granted a refund. 

For more on terms of service & policies click here.