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Day 1 – How to Never Annoy Subscribers

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From Nervous to investment to DOUBLING Her Income…

I was really nervous about spending so much on this course.  I’ve taken many (expensive) courses that were a complete disappointment.

Since starting love your list, I finally feel like I know how to l talk to my readers in a way that really connects with them.  Obviously they think so too because my income has doubled.

The sales copy module is pure gold.  It was the missing piece of my strategy and I’m so happy to have finally found it!

Jodi, Wealthy N Wise

The copywriting module is genius!

I’ve spent a lot of money on courses so I was nervous about spending even more on another course.

This course has given me the confidence to actually email my list!  I feel like I now know how to speak to my list like humans, and I’m not stuck with not knowing what to talk to them about.

The copywriting module is genius!  Muses, moments, finding your voice.. it’s all so good.  I’m working my way through the welcome series module right now as well and it’s so helpful to have a step-by-step guide of what to do.

Sandie Ortiz | Fulfilled for Less

Day 3: $10k Email Blue Print


Actually Get Thanked For Emailing Your List

As long as you care about your people you can totally:

Send out an email and have your inbox flooded with new PayPal notifications before your coffee even gets cold.

Love YOur list 2.0  Success Stories:

Since starting Love Your List 2.0™, I’ve doubled my email list and created an opt-in page that’s converting at 30%.  I also created my first tripwire page and I’ve made sales!”

I bought LYL to help create a welcome email sequence and get help writing to my subscribers on a weekly basis.  While it did help me create those, I’ve also received invaluable advice and guidance for my business as a whole. 

The copywriting module helped me create multiple sales pages and Kate personally helped me with my beta launch during office hours.  She is so committed to her students, and we feel it every week when she shows up in the group. Whether she’s creating a personalized Loom video to answer our questions or she’s cheering us on during our launches, she’s always there for us.

Taran Conwell, Undomestic Mom

“I grow my email list by 700% in just 6 months”

– Misty Dorman | Life Ninjas

I absolutely LOVE this course!!!  Everyone always says “email your list!  The money’s in your list!”  But when you have no idea why you’re emailing your list and apologizing for emailing (like I was, especially with sales emails), that’s no bueno!

Then Kate came along!  I’m rocking the “it’s-a-privilege-to-be-on-my-list” mindset, and I’m getting excited about emailing them, helping them, and building connections (and hopefully making money).

I feel like I know how I want to direct my readers now, from why they’re signing up to how I can help them today and into the future.

This course was the roadmap I needed to understand why and how to email my list and help them overcome the obstacles that they face in getting healthy and losing weight so they can slide into their skinny jeans.

Diane Lowe | Early to Bed, Early To Raise


What Makes Love Your List 2.0™ Different: 


Where most email marketing courses just teach you how to fill your list with garbage subscribers thanks to cheap gimmicks or spending your kid’s college funds on Facebook Ads then pitch-slapping them until the whiplash from unsubscribing…

Love Your List 2.0™ focuses on getting you the RIGHT people to your list in the place.  Ones who are genuinely interested in your topic and are eager to buy.  Then spends 99% of the it’s time teaching you how to talk to subscribers in a simple way that cuts through the noise, connects with them on a personal level and takes them taking action whether it’s replying back to you or hitting your buy buttons with a smile on their faces. 



Meaning when she isn’t writing about herself in the 3rd person, she got paid buchu bucks to write words that got people to slap buttons on the internet, to the tune of over a million dollars between herself, clients and students. (How’s that for a little do-re-me… hehe.. see what I did there?) 

And, did she forget to mention she makes multiple sales every day in her business from people who are HAPPY to pay her?


Let’s take a peek under the Love Your List 2.0™ hood with over 60 email templates, landing pages templates, 2 sales page templates and soooo much more…

The Core Content (and bonuses) Are Dripped Out Over 6 Weeks So You Stay Motivated and Karate Chop Overwhelm In The Face. 

And there are bonuses:


Bonus #1 Sticky Situations Bundle & Templates ($97 Value)

Sometimes while running a profitable email list you might have to do things you’re a bit uncomfortable with like:

  • Having to gracefully re-enter subscribers’ inboxes you haven’t emailed in months
  • Telling deadweight subscribers that you’re going to kick them off your list because they haven’t earned the privilege since they’ve been ignoring you
  • Or running a flash sale when you haven’t prepped your list at all

But thanks to the templates you’ll find tucked inside of this bonus, you’ll never have to play a game of chicken with a blank screen again.

Bonus #2 The List Explosion Course ($397 Value)

You can’t learn all about how to woo the hearts and wallets open of your subscribers if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

After this fully fledged course, you’ll implement eight proven methods to get your first or next 1000 quality email subscribers, who are actually genuinely interested in your paid offers and affiliate deals.

This is a mixture of steady stream tactics like Pinterest Funnels,  Guest Starring, and even Facebook Ads.

And quick burst methods for finding quality subscribers like: Running Everyone Wins giveaways (that are GDPR approved), Freebie swaps, and Tag-Team Events.

And when you’re ready to kick it up a notch, you’ll learn 16 other advanced list building strategies to try, in a quick-learn pdf guide.


Bonus #3 – Contributors Giveaway in a Box (Just ADDED) ($297) 


Using this exact system I gained over 2,000 email subscribers and made more than $5,000 just by rounding up 12 amazing free gifts from my fellow online business owners and sharing them exclusively for a limited time. 

You see unlike virtual summits, where only the host gets to grow their email list, with contributors giveaways – EVERYONE who participates gets to grow their list and their bank account.

Just as a List Builder can take some time to set up and can be a little tricky to keep track of.

Which is why I’m giving you access to:

  • All of the swipe files I used to actually get people to agree to be part of the giveaway (some were complete strangers)
  • The exact Airtable form that I used to collect & keep track of all of the contributors’ gifts, bios, links etc.  And where I stored all of the swipe-emails & social media graphics for contributors to use
  • Copies of the email swipe files I wrote for my contributors to actually share with their list
  • Giveaway Master Trello Board with countless checklists to keep track of everything, and how to keep tabs on who actually replied back to your invite emails. 


Bonus #4 The Tech Vault ($97 Value) + Bonus #6 Double-Length ConvertKit Trial ($30 Value)

Never let tech be the reason you don’t move forward.  Here you’ll find a collection of click by click tutorials including:

  • A 10 Part Video Course All About Rocking Out ConvertKit that goes well beyond just sending newsletters and creating landing pages.  I’m talking about click triggers, starting, and stopping funnels and so much more.  
  • How to master Covert Plus (my favorite list building plugin that’s only $24)
  • Tailwind Crash Course so you can grow your audience on autopilot
  • GoViral – Gift Sharing App
  • Mailerlite 101
  • And more – (like how to create fillable pdf’s for free)


Bonus # 5 – The Five Figure Funnels + Launches Course (Value $1297)

This bonus is soooo much more than a couple of email templates.  Sure it does have my proprietary 9 part little black sales series templates and examples responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales – but this bonus has six modules covering:

  • What exactly should be in your free content, freebies, Easy Yes offers and signature offers, in a way that makes giving you more money the natural next step, instead of…  “Why would I want that big course?  You just told me how do that for $17 bucks?
  • How to create your offers and express what makes them so special and damn compelling in a way that leaves people with whiplash from grabbing their credit cards so fast.
  • How to fuel your funnels so you don’t waste time writing all these emails, setting up the tech, and don’t get any sales (womp womp womp).
  • How to generate even more sales by creating a five star experience for your new buyers – no more dropping the ball after they give you their cash.
  • How to know if your funnel is working, diagnose what’s wrong, and how to fix it quickly.
  • We even cover scaling your funnel with both free and paid methods.

Oh and you get bonuses with bonuses – The Five Figure Funnel also comes with a full long form sales page tutorial & template.

Bonus #6 Private Student Only Mastermind (priceless)

Come rub elbows with the warmest, supportive community on the interwebs.

Here you’ll get to ask me questions, get feedback from your fellow action takers and participate and have fun at a contest for two.  

While you don’t need to spend hours and hours in this group, I recommend checking in at least twice a week to definitely make sure you make progress especially if you choose the self-paced level.

Bonus #7 Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Kate

Ask me your questions face to face.  Get encouragement, critiques of your copy and a good ole’ ass kicking if you need one.  

People literally pay thousands of dollars to sit down and have Zoom calls like these with me and you’re getting them completely for free. 


An exclusive mug shipped anywhere in the world. Plus the BIGGEST savings possible.


I joined Love Your List for help on crafting good emails and improving my copywriting skills, but I got so much more than I expected.

Kate is a GENIUS at email marketing & sales funnel copy & she has added more & more value to the course as time goes on. In fact, I think I’m going to have to go through the course again soon to really seal in the concepts & catch anything I missed.

The time Kate has taken to review several of my funnel pages has been invaluable. She really cares about helping you get results. Over the last six months, I have grown my email subscribers by over 700% and I know that I can largely credit Kate for that growth.

Kate has taught me that I don’t need to sound sleazy in order to make a sale. As I launch new products, it’s becoming easier to find my voice and speak to the hearts and pains of my audience, to help them make a decision that’s right for them, rather than trying to convince them to buy from me.

If you’re on the fence about Love Your List, just do it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses and this one is at the top of my list to recommend to everyone in home business. The value is insane.

Misty | Life Ninjas

Get started with Love Your List 2.0 Now

A single payment of $777 or 6 payments of $143


***New payment plans added – 2 payments of $388.50 or 9 Payments of $97** 

Unsure to making money with her list!

I didn’t know how much value I’d get. Kate seemed genuine, but I was a little bit hesitant to sign up for yet another class.

But now, I’ making money with my list!

I created an easy yes offer, set up a landing page, countdown timer and worked it all into my welcome series. I am just starting, but I know now what I need to do when I release a big product or course.

I love the facebook group and office hours. The templates were a great place to get started on your own personal series. I love that Kate walks you through every step that you need to have a list that works for you to get you where you want to be.

Carolyn Simmon| Healthy Happy Heroes

 “Who knew taking a course on email marketing could help me create a new income source overnight!”

I have set up systems (email automation) just for practice, that I was creating while following along in the course, and it totally bumped up my list and made sales! MY PRACTICE ONE! I creating a brand new freebie like you said and implementing a no-brained easy-yes offer.  Who knew taking a course on email marketing could help me create a new income source overnight, I certainly didn’t!”

Kai hernandez |

Kai Hernandez | + The Bizzy Mama Podcast


The 21 Day Action Takers’ Guarantee

I’m so passionate about partnering with you to build a dangerously lucrative, predictable, and enjoyable email marketing system, I want to make is as easy as humanly possible for you to hit buy with unshakable confidence….

…Enter the Action Takers’ Guarantee

Take 21 days to go through the first 3 modules of Love Your List 2.0™

If after getting your questions answered in the Facebook group, following the Sir-Mix-A-Lot method to create a freebie that wows, map out your 30 day email plan in module 1 and do your musings about muses deep dive but you still don’t feel like you have the clarity, confidence, and action steps you need to 10x your investment while making email marketing feel more like guilty pleasure rather than a dreaded chore you’re forced to down in a icky sweater made of hair & glass…

I insist you email with your completed freebie and worksheets, and we’ll hit the undo button on this whole profitable email marketing experiment and I’ll send you back every single dollar.


“She should be selling LYL for 2k and it would STILL be a steal.”


“Seriously, buy this course!  In Love Your List, Kate has pulled back the curtain on how to craft emails and copy … and she makes it fun!   Love Your List is the course I WISH I had when I first started my business.  It has everything you need to create sales emails, weekly newsletters, amazing freebies (that convert like crazy), opt-in pages… It.  Is.  EVERYTHING.  She should be selling LYL for 2k and it would STILL be a steal.

Rita Ester | Breaking Up With My Boss

Things you’d be smart to ask before grabbing your log in deets on the next page:

1. Is this only for people who sell digital products and courses?

No.  I have suggestions on how service providers and coaches can use the ABC's email marketing and my templates to create a client attraction system.  

2. Is this good for ecom businesses or local businesses?

Not really.  Sure you can model the welcome series and funnel emails but it is geared towards online business owners and bloggers.

3. Do you have to blog or buy Facebook Ads?

No to both.  But we have a list building lesson about Facebook Ads taught by Morgan Battissa in the List Explosion Bonus

4. Do you have to buy ConvertKit, or Deadline Funnels?

No, sure it's in the tech vault and I love the company, but no, you don't have to buy ConvertKit

5. I just started my blog I'm not sure I'm ready for this...

As long as you have a website set up you'll be fine.  We have a bonus lesson on conversion content so as a new blogger you won't be wasting time creating content that doesn't build your list or make you money. 

6. I've been at this a while is it too beginner for me?

Well, are you getting the opens, clicks, sign-ups, and sales you want????  If not, this is for you.

You’ll definitely get the most out of the copywriting module. You’ll also need to double-check that your freebie is actually attracting BUYERS not freebie seekers, so freebies and landing page modules are a must.

Not to mention the funnel & launch bonus will be especially for you.


7. Will I get access to everything right away?

After you slap that "complete order" button you'll get instant access to:

  • Module 1 – Strategy & Foundations 
  • Bonus – The Tech Vault (including ConvertKit LaunchPad with a free month of ConvertKit, Mailerlite 101 & Covertplus mini-course.) 
  • Bonus - Sticky Situations Bundle (what to send your list if it’s been forever, flash sales templates, ditching the dead-weight templates & launch your list mini-course)

In four days, you'll get access to the copywriting module (aka everyone's favorite module), then every seven days you'll get access to a new mix of module and bonuses.

Module 3: Freebies That Serve & Sell, a week after that.

Module 4: Welcome Series  (formerly Module 6) a week after that.

Both Module 5: Thank You Page & Easy Yes Offers + Module 6: Selling the Free:  Landing Pages & Opt-in forms + List Explosion Bonus, a week after that << It’s a big week :0) 

Module 7: Ongoing Nurturing + 5 Figure Funnels & Launch, a week after that.


8. Can I pay off my payment plan early?

Sure!  I'll send you an invoice for the rest of what you owe.

9. What's everything I get again?

Full Love Your List 2.0™ 7 Part Course

➜ Module 1 - Planning Your Fail-Proof Email Marketing Ecosystem & The Should Crusher

➜ Module 2 - Writing Emails So Good They Lick The Screen

➜ Module 3 - Freebies That Serve & Sell

➜ Module 4 - Authority Building Welcome Series & Power 5

➜ Module 5 - Thank You Pages & Easy Yes Offers

➜ Module 6 -  Selling Free: The Art of Crafting Landing Pages & Opt-in Forms

➜ Module 7 - Nurturing The Crap & Cash, out of Subscribers with Binge-worthy Newsletters & Autoresponders

A $1297 Value


Bonus #1: Sticky Situations Pack ($297) *

Bonus #2: List Explosion Course ($497)

Bonus #3: Contributors Giveaway Bundle in a Box ($297)

Bonus #4: The Tech Vault ($197) *

Bonus #5: The 5 Figure Funnels & Launches Course ($1897 value) + Bonus: Long Form Sales Page Masterclass & Template ($197 value)

Bonus #6: Private Facebook Community (Priceless - $1000 value)

Bonus #7: Monthly LIVE group coaching calls ($997)



As long as you care about your people you can totally:

Send out an email and have your inbox flooded with new PayPal notifications before your coffee even gets cold.

A single payment of $777 or 6 payments of $143


***New payment plans added – 2 payments of $388.50 or 9 Payments of $97***


Love Your List was a big investment and my husband and I didn’t have much wiggle room in our budget, but we both agreed (hoped) that it would be a good investment for my business.

I’d never heard of Kate before purchasing LYL so I was nervous, but after making the purchase I excitedly announced to my husband that this is one of the BEST purchases I have made for my business to date.  I couldn’t be happier I chose to go for it.

I used to HATE emailing my list.  Writing a single email would take me hours.  After starting LYL 2.0 I’ve learned how to be comfortable writing to my list, and more importantly, I’ve learned WHO the people on my list are (before taking LYL I thought I knew who I was writing to but I was SO wrong).  Now I can comfortably write emails and really get into the head of my audience.  I’ve learned how to make them feel like “YES!!  That’s EXACTLY what I’m going through/how I feel!”

I even gently promoted an affiliate product that I love, and I was able to earn way more $$ from just a few emails where I just mentioned the product but didn’t make it the focus of my email, versus before LYL when I would send out emails specifically focusing on that product (and would end up with waaay less $$).

Before taking LYL, I had a large but very cold list.  I was sending emails to tons of people, but no one on my list wanted to read them.  My open rates were sad and I never got replies (even when I asked my list to reply to my emails).

(Okay – so I did get a couple replies here and there, but there were replies to say “unsubscribe me from your emails”… as if they couldn’t do it themselves. ?‍♀️)

After LYL, I now get replies to every email I send out – EVEN when I don’t ask my list to reply!  The replies I get now are people saying thank you for the email, telling me their personal stories & struggles, or telling me how much they love receiving my emails (!!!).  I’ve NEVER had this type of connection with my audience and it’s AWESOME.

I went from dreading emailing my audience & sending emails that failed, to loving this part of my week and knowing what to say because now I actually know my audience… on a stalker-like level. ?

Amy | Deliberately