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Love Your List has EVERYTHING you need to start, grow, and manage your email list. Kate Doster is an amazing human being that takes something that was scary to me and made it enjoyable. I wish she could make courses like this for all aspects of my business.

Learning from Kate is like learning from your best friend. She breaks things down into manageable pieces and explains it so that it is memorable and it sticks.

Mia Alarid

I am actually sending weekly emails (almost) every week. Yay!
I have revamped some of my reader experience and really love the way you approach email marketing. It feels natural. I also love your take on list building.

I have too many courses already. However, after watching Kate’s free mini-course, I thought it would be a wise investment nonetheless.


Magda Therrien

Magda Makes

I think Kate is really relatable and her coaching calls (though not always in my time zone so I tend to miss out sometimes) are one of the best yet (and I’ve joined many, many courses in the past). I think she’s really good at what she does and I appreciate the fact that she takes the time to really answer all the questions in detail during the calls. I feel I can write better and less boring emails now, but at the same time I would really love to grow my email list.

Kristy Ting

Compulsive Mommy

Listen, Kate Doster is magical when it comes to words and her email templates get people responding, get people buying and get the conversation going about your brand. They’re absolutely worth it and everything Kate produces is top-notch. Our community jumps for joy every time Kate comes in and shares her knowledge with us. It’s so authentic and her products basically sell themselves.

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media

Kate is honestly amazing, super helpful, and so knowledgeable, I haven’t even been to that many of the weekly calls live but I have gotten so much out of the recordings.

PLUS The modules are SUPER EASY and PRACTICAL to follow as well as implement. The is no fluff (and I know fluff because I have bought some FLUFF-FULL courses before). If you are serious about your email list, this is the only course you need. Seriously.

Olivia Gabel

Business Coach at

I really loved the section about creating a Freebie. This helped me figure out what my audience really needs help with, which in turn has bumped up my subscribe rate, and also product sales rate. I also love the templates and workbooks!

I’ve revamped my freebies and created new products. In the one month since doing this, I’ve made $600 from product sales. I’m learning how to create better freebies, how to write better emails, and how to create digital products people actually want.

Kristin Hanes

The Wayward Home

Since taking Love Your List 2.0, I made over $1k in 5 days! Plus I added additional 1000+ people to my list!

Building a long-lasting relationship with your audience is a key to business growth and there is no better way to do it than with an engaging copy! Love Your List has been the best investment I did for my business. After introducing Kate’s tips and strategies, I am suddenly getting a lot of responses to my emails! I created my Easy Yes Offer and made over $1k in 5 days! Plus I added additional 1000+ people to my list!

Marta Ostoja Kiedrzynska

Kate’s email marketing powers will transform your business.

Using email alone, you can go from entirely dependent on ad networks to not caring AT ALL if you ever get blog traffic again. (I know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true!) Kate can teach you to talk to your people so that they HEAR what you are saying – and understand what you’re selling; learning about “moments” was possibly the most powerful thing anyone has ever taught me for my business! Even if you’re afraid of sending emails, Kate can cure you of that fear AND teach you to harness its power to MAKE YOU MONEY!

Carly Campbell

Mommy on Purpose

I cannot thank Kate enough for Love Your List. I was first introduced to Kate through another podcast that I listen to and I immediately started binging Inbox Besties from the beginning. Yes, I’m that person who goes all the way back to the beginning when I find a new podcast.

I didn’t know that email marketing, and specifically Love Your List, was going to have such a huge impact on my business strategy, but I’m happy to say that I have no intention of hiring a marketing expert in the near future. Things are movin’ and groovin’ on that front and I am waaaaay less stressed about finding clients.

I can’t thank you enough, Kate! Total game changer for me and my business. You’re the best!

Bri Salsman

Life Lived by Design

Last year, I earned $173,405 in profit just from my main email list. This course was a big part of that as it made everything better – how to grow my list, how to improve engagement, how to sell better (without sounding salesy), how to improve sequences, and how to make a sales page and landing pages better. I’m always learning something new from Kate and making improvements.

I was really struggling with my small home decor list and how to monetize it. She helped me improve my opt-in, the landing page as well as the sales page for my $9 product. Before Kate looked at it, I launched this new product and only made $81 during launch month. I then had Kate look at it and after making her suggestions to the sales page, I made $470 the next month. That was the only change I made. This has had an impact every month since.

Debbie Gartner

The Flooring Girl

I absolutely LOVE this course!!! Everyone always says “email your list! The money’s in your list!

But when you have no idea why you’re emailing your list and apologizing for emailing (like I was, especially with sales emails), that’s no bueno! Then Kate came along! I’m rocking the “it’s-a-privilege-to-be-on-my-list” mindset, and I’m getting excited about emailing them, helping them, and building connections (and hopefully making money).

I feel like I know how I want to direct my readers now, from why they’re signing up to how I can help them today and into a future. This course was the roadmap I needed to understand why and how to email my list and help them overcome the obstacles that they face in getting healthy and losing weight so they can slide into their skinny jeans.

Diane Lowe

I had multiple friends, colleagues and clients talk about Kate Doster but I didn’t know who she was. So when I found out how much her class was, I was skeptical because so many people I know have been burned by blog courses in the past.

So I took a chance to see what all the hubbub was about and I LOVED it.

In fact, she took something that I think so many people teach very badly and very awkwardly and very sale-sy and made it seem easy, organic, and fun. I used her little black dress series after an online summit that I spoke to for my Thrifty Little Mom blog and made over $1,000 in sales on a $7 product. That was just one event. Not to mention the other funnels I have running.

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson Consulting

Since taking Love Your List, I’m no longer at a loss of what to email my list which was a huge problem before the course. I never knew what to say or felt like I was annoying people by sending sales emails, now I communicate with my subscribers on a regular basis and get many replies thanking me for the encouragement I give them.

Love your list is the best investment I’ve made in my online business journey! It surpassed all my expectations by overdelivering. This program is truly the only email course you’ll ever need to start earning without feeling pushy or sleezy!

Lisa Hebert

Money Minded Mom

I feel like my emails are more personable and chatty, and I can sell to my list without feeling guilty or spammy. I also finally got inspired to create some AWESOME freebies! 

The Facebook group is awesome. I still have to finish the course, but the Facebook group helps a lot in the meantime.

Katie Emery

Katie Goes Platinum

I feel so much more confident in emailing my people. You gave me permission to be myself. I’ve had this course for almost a year now and am still using it in my business since it’s sooo much more than just how to write good emails. Most recently I’ve started using the Easy Yes Offer module and next will be the sales funnel module. So worth the money!

Courtney Williams

Kate Doster’s Love Your List course honestly has been one of the ones I have found the most value in not only because of the useful information and the spirit with which she teaches it but also because of the weekly live office hours where she answers questions and gives feedback on product sales pages and tripwire offers.

Stacie Heaps

I’ve taken all of the internet marketing courses, and Kate’s Love Your List course is one of the best! I used the tools taught in the course to make my first 10k month and continue to apply the tools and resources as I scale to multiple six-figures. Kate gave me the skills to treat people like people and it’s allowed me to build a brand that’s authentic and profitable.

Faith Mariah

Since starting love your list, I finally feel like I know how to l talk to my readers in a way that really connects with them. Obviously, they think so too because my income has doubled. 

The sales copy module is pure gold. It was the missing piece of my strategy and I’m so happy to have finally found it!


Wealthy N Wise

I am not a new marketer, having said that the way you explain things in simpler terms was amazing and refreshing. Also, you have woven mindset elements in the course beautifully, which I totally love.

I love Kate’s program, It is very practical and things that you can implement right away to see results. I am loving it!

Sneha Hiremath

For me, it was simply a matter of confirming some of what I was doing and then getting some additional ideas to generate a more powerful email marketing campaign.

Facebook group is amazing! Lots of questions are asked that make me think of things I hadn’t though of before.

Tracie Fobes

I love Kate’s energy and enthusiasm for email and the process by which she teaches making money with your list isn’t swarmy or sleazy.

Navigating the extra workshops/bonuses and prioritizing what I should work on. I already email regularly w/ automations and would love to have a journey/map that says go to this section or watch this module if you want to do X so I didn’t have to wade through other stuff.

Monique Boutsiv

Living Life and Learning

Everything Kate does speaks to me. In a world where everyone is focused so hard on saying and doing the “right” things or trying to find the one perfect way to grow your business, Kate comes in and gave me permission to be myself. It was like a magic switch was flipped where I was finally able to be myself and know that it was the right call.

Since then, the business has gotten so much more enjoyable, easy, and crazy-fun (and, WAY more profitable, too!). I’m so thankful for everything that Kate does! 🙂

Caroline Vencil

I bought LYL to help create a welcome email sequence and get help writing my subscribers in a weekly basis. While it did help me create those, I’ve also received invaluable advice and guidance for my business as a whole. The copywriting module helped me create multiple sales pages and Kate personally helped me with my beta launch during office hours. She is so committed to her students and we feel it every week when she shows up in the group. Whether she’s creating a personalized Loom video to answer our question or she’s cheering us on during our launches, she’s always there for us.

Taran Conwell

Undomestic Mom

Honestly I was just so happy to have someone lay out the steps for me regarding getting my email set and then creating a product. While my EYO evolved into something larger than I intended, I know better for next time.

As well, I have made a major shift in how I email my people. I get a lot more positive responses from subscribers and I feel a lot more comfortable being myself with them because I have more direction and a better sense of how to help them thanks to your help with product creation.

Irma Stretch

Get off the fence and sign up for Love Your List.

Your emails are the only way you can reach your audience whenever you want to. Regular emails to your list will deepen your relationship with your readers/followers in ways that you’d never imagine. Also, content ideas, if you’re one of those influencers/creators/business owners who struggle with content ideas, just start regularly emailing your list and those days will be a thing of the past. Ask your list questions and they will answer and presto, ideas for content.

Jennifer Osborn

Kitchen Serf

Even though I haven’t finished Love Your List 2.0 completely, I have totally changed my email skills. I’m no longer nervous to send out emails because now I have a different mindset about the whole process. I’ve also been way more consistent with actually sending emails out – almost weekly!

The templates are really helpful. I learn best when I can see examples, and then I tweak them to work for me. Kate’s humor also keeps me from falling asleep at my keyboard, which is nice.

Amanda Seghetti

After watching Kate with Carly on Facebook, I knew she was my kind of people.

I have enjoyed the lessons in LYL so much. I have also been completely overwhelmed by all of the information in it (all in a good way). By far my favorite thing about this course is that I don’t feel like I am being taught. I feel like I am having a conversation with someone (be it someone who talks really fast) and getting all of their secrets.

Sara Conklin

This course has given me the confidence to actually email my list! I feel like I now know how to speak to my list like humans, and I’m not stuck with not knowing what to talk to them about.

The copywriting module is genius! Muses, moments, finding your’s all so good. I’m working my way through the welcome series module right now as well and it’s so helpful to have a step-by-step guide of what to do.

Sandie Ortiz

Fulfilled for Less

Love Your List has helped me fix things I technically set up correctly but definitely could have been better. And I feel much more confident sending emails to my list. Plus my subscribers respond to me more frequently now, and I’ve ever gotten people telling me they feel like I’m their friend.

The Facebook group and office hours are priceless. Of course I love the lessons and templates, but having direct access to Kate is incredible.

Amy Katz

Honestly, I think the course has everything I needed and paid for. I wouldn’t take anything away. What’s not to love? It takes you through every aspect of email marketing possible and it’s a game-changer. For me, copyrighting is something I am passionate about and read quite a lot about so that module really spoke to my heart.

Ioana Azoica

Love Your List has completely changed how I approach email marketing but also lots of other areas, even the way I write. I’m a content writer by trade but I never understood copywriting the way I do now. I have a system in place, plans for how to grow my list and make money from it and also how I can best help my people. It is without doubt in the top 3 best things I have invested in for my business and I haven’t even got to the bonus modules yet!

Angela Tempest

I used to HATE emailing my list. Writing a single email would take me hours. After starting LYL 2.0 I’ve learned how to be comfortable writing to my list, and more importantly, I’ve learned WHO the people on my list are. Now I can comfortably write emails and really get into the head of my audience. I’ve learned how to make them feel like “YES!! That’s EXACTLY what I’m going through/how I feel!”.

I went from dreading emailing my audience & sending emails that failed, to loving this part of my week and knowing what to say because now I actually know my audience… on a stalker-like level. 🙌

Amy R

Honestly, I’ve neglected my list shamefully but I know that I have somewhere reliable that I can go to figure out how to get myself going with that again. That keeps me from feeling quite so lost. Office hours are great because Kate really gives thorough answers in there and anything I don’t feel clear about can be discussed there.

I’ve purchased just about everything of Kate’s that’s come my way and haven’t been disappointed yet so that made it almost a no-brainer.

Anita Thomas

When I first heard about Love Your List I knew it was a huge investment but I had to have it. The course has so much included that it’s more than just about email marketing. The structure allows even a beginners to work their way through and piece the steps together until you finally have that AH HA moment! Now I feel more confident and excited about emailing my list. I don’t feel like I’m faking it and I finally understand how to find my avatar’s problems so I can solve them. It has been one of the best investments in my business that I’ve ever made.

I really loved that you kind of let us know in advance this was coming because I was able to save up and work it into my budget. You had me at hello. I mean I was the first girl that bought the course and got the $$$. THANK YOU!

Heather Ritchie

Writer's Life for You

My favorite parts so far (still working my way through!) are the email welcome series templates (I had something in place but I realize now it was embarrassingly bad, lol), the freebie training, and the copywriting module (soooo many “aha” moments as I went through it).

I felt more confident in my approach to emails (Kate is awesome at pep talks!) and clearer on exactly who and why I have an email list in the first place. I have also found clarity and inspiration in regard to freebies and finally have one finished! I’m also working on my subscriber Welcome series and feel like my emails are much more “me.”

Rigel Celeste

I have never felt like I was writing really captivating copy for my emails or sales pages. They always felt so daunting to write and I would often put them off. After taking Love Your List, I feel so much more confident in writing sales copy. I also had the most successful pre-launch of a product EVER after taking her course.

I have found the templates for writing sales pages, welcome series, and easy yes offers have made my life so much easier when it comes to writing copy. And I am blown away by the office hours and how my time and attention Kate provides — that alone is worth the cost of the course!

Bev Feldman


Since joining LYL, I’ve completely transformed my welcome series, my opt-ins, my sales pages – EVERYTHING! I’ve been getting so many more responses to my emails and really connecting to individuals on my list – I love it.

I’ve loved basically everything. The mindset/psychology of sales has been super useful. The office hours are amazing – it’s basically getting a bonus group coaching for life. Kate really does care about the success of each of her students – she remembers our projects, celebrates our wins, encourages us to grow, and is basically awesome.

Samantha Radford

Evidence-based Mommy